My Camino Guide: Albergue Recipes: Gift Rice


  1. Accept gift of prepackaged, pre-cooked rice. It should be mixed long grain, wild, and red, for best results.
  2. Add the last of your salted peanuts on top. Be sure to tap out all the salty crumbs.
  3. Microwave until hot.
  4. During this one minute of cooking, peel your orange.
  5. Take out hot plate using your towel, as there will be no hotpads.
  6. Pull apart your orange slices and arrange them around the edge of the plate in a pleasing pinwheel design. Presentation is everything. Perfecto!
  7. Eat alternating between sweet and salty. Touch your finger into the last crumbs of peanut bits and eat every single one.
  8. Choices for dessert: corn nuts or a ginger candy. I say go crazy, have both. Careful of your teeth, though.